International dance group Hai la joc is an enthusiastic group of people from Groningen, the Netherlands, which performs dances from all over the world. We train once a week and, on average, we have one performance a month. During our rehearsals we do not only seek for improvement in our dance skills, but we also strive for a better presentation in general. In addition to Dutch folkloristic dances, our repertoire includes dances from all over the world; from Mexico to Romania and from South Africa to Poland. Our costumes are made after traditional examples and often sewn by the group members themselves. We add new choreographies on a regular base, which makes both watching a performance of Hai la joc and participating in one an interesting, varied and challenging experience.   If dancing at Hai la joc sounds interesting to you, you are always welcome to come and join us during one of our rehearsals on Thursday nights. If you come, we would like you to tell us beforehand by sending an email to info@hailajoc.nl so that we can bear it in my mind while planning the evening.