About Us

Hai la joc Ever since its foundation in 1979, Hai la joc has been vital to the image of international dance in and around Groningen, the Netherlands. Hai la joc was founded by a few enthusiastic dancers of Teu, the recreational international dance society of Groningen. The name ‘Hai la joc’ (Romanian for ‘Come, and dance with us’) was taken from an LP with Romanian dances. Because of the different people who have been members of Hai la joc, Hai la joc has always had a varied repertoire. While the emphasis used to be on row dances from Balkan countries, our current repertoire encompasses varied dances from both European countries and other countries outside Europe.


Artistic director Lex Wedemeijer 


Lex Wedemeijer began on high school with ballroom dancing, and since then he has practiced various dance types as an amateur on high level: historical dances such as minuet and quadrille, classical ballet, Argentine tango, and of course, folklore. He danced with various performing groups, among other in Rotterdam, Hilversum, and Nieuwegein. Since 2010, he is back in Groningen as a dancer with Hai la Joc, and mid-2016 he has undertaken the artistic direction of the group.