About us

About us

For 40 years, International dance group Hai la joc has been a landmark group for international dance in the Groningen region.
Hai la Joc was founded in 1979 by a number of enthusiastic dancers from the recreational folk dance association Teu.The group takes its name 'Hai la joc' (Romanian for 'Come dance with us') from the title of a long-playing record of Romanian folk dances. Due to different compositions of the group, Hai la joc's programme has always been varied.

Hai la joc has an extensive international repertoire:
from Dutch to Bollywood, Turkish to Mexican and Argentinian to South African.

The group performs on average once a month, mostly in and around the city of Groningen, for a varied audience. In addition, Hai la joc has performed several times abroad at international festivals.

Artistic director: Betsy Edens

Betsy Edens is the artistic director of Hai la joc since 2022.

She has a very extensive dance experience, having also danced flamenco for many years. She created several choreographies for Hai la joc.