Our trailer
Hai la joc is a dance group with a versatile repertoire. In this compilation, we showcase our versatility. A sneak preview of what a performance of ours could look like.

Festival 'Light and Fire' 2020
In the middle of the 2020 lock-down, we received an invitation to participate in the festival 'Light and Fire' in Israel!?!!
It turned out to be an on-line festival where there were small performances by dance groups live from all over the world. For that, we made this video.

Op Roakeldais 2017
The Grunniger Dansers is a dance group that participated from the very first 'Op

Roakeldais' performance in Warffum.

In 2017, they asked Hai la joc to join their ever-shrinking group and create a performance together. This resulted in the wunderfull first performance having Hai la joc on the main stage.